Garlic is a common ingredient in most of the dishes that we repare.

Do you know that this gives more than just a sumptuous flavour ?
Are you familiar with the health benefits of garlic ?

Yes, this is not just another ingredient that will make your dish more aromatic and delicious because it has an important role in making you healthier.
In fact, it is even referred to as ‘nature’s penicillin’ or ‘natural wonder drug’ because of all the remedies that it could do.
The most important component in garlic that makes it beneficial for health is the sulphur content.
Those which are organically grown do not just have a stronger taste but these also have higher amount of sulphur. Hence, it is more beneficial for you health.

Here are some of the most outstanding health benefits of garlic:

Cure for Common Cold and Flu:

Cold, flu and other common illnesses are triggered by virus and bacteria .
 The power of garlic can help the body fight these by strengthening the defense of the immune system.
This enables a person to be cured much faster or avoid the illnesses completely.

Helps Out in Digestion :

Garlic enables the lining of the stomach to produce more enzymes.
These enzymes digest food properly so that there will be less that would end up as stored fat.
Better digestion leads to being able to avoid obesity and heart problems.

Directly Improves Circulatory System :

The health benefits of garlic affect the cardiovascular system in many ways.

First of all, it prevents the formation of blockage in the arteries which could hinder proper blood flow.

Second, the arteries would not harden too.

Third, garlic has components which lower bad cholesterol and increase the amount of good cholesterol so that hypertension would not become a problem.

Fights Cancer :

Stomach and colon cancer is easily prevented because of the flavonoids that the garlic bulb contains.

The flavonoids can avoid cancer because it inhibits the absorption of carcinogenic components by the cells.

Anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties :

This is one of the health benefits of garlic that is really important for every person.
For people who have weak lungs,
garlic can help them prevent contracting lung infections.
In fact, even the Chinese traditionally drink boiled garlic bulb with vinegar daily to avoid lung abscess. During the times when there is a serious flu epidemic that has affected many people,
garlic will also provide you with an effective defense. This also has antibiotic effect against intestinal infections.
For skin problems like athlete’s foot or ringworm, crushing garlic and applying it on skin will solve the trouble.

To be able to enjoy all the benefits of garlic,
it is best to simply have it raw.
You can prepare it anyway you want :
chopped, sliced or crushed.
When garlic is not subjected to heat,
it has maximum potency.
When garlic is put inside the microwave,
this could kill the essential nutrients in it.
If you are taking other meds,
make sure to consult your physician to ensure that regular intake of garlic would not contradict the effects of the meds.

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