Rare Golden Snapper sells for $US38,000

A Chinese businessman has paid $38,000 (£24,000) for a rare golden snapper fish caught in the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh, fish traders say.

The unidentified businessman from Hong Kong bought the 37kg (82lb) fish "for its tasty bladder and succulent flesh", seller Jahangir Saudagar told AFP.

He bought the fish at an auction before selling it on to the businessman. 

Only about four snappers - considered a delicacy - are caught in the Bay of Bengal every year, experts say. 

Mr Saudagar, who works at a fish market near Chittagong, bought the fish from fishermen returning from the Bay of Bengal late on Wednesday. 

"I continued to bid until everyone else gave up because I knew I could sell this fish on at (a high) price," Mr Saudagar said 
Zoology professor Noman Siddiqui of the Marine Fisheries Academy in Chittagong said the golden colour of the snapper - usually red or silver - was the reason it commanded a high price. 
Only "three or four golden snappers are caught in the Bay of Bengal" every year, Siddiqui said. 
In some Asian cultures, snapper meat is considered a delicacy. 

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