With a brush and ink
I start to paint on the canvas
that is my life
I want a framework that
be wonderful and that says something about me
The colors give life and makes the most beautiful painting
I try to paint every day on my screen
Always something good, beautiful, cheerful
and reflects a bit of the good that has life
I begin by painting in shades of blue
What is the color of sky and sea
and give wings to my imagination
I put a little yellow
to paint a beautiful sunset which I will
Heat to wake up full of energy
paint the stars and a beautiful moon
for the night to fly on the wings of dreams
I put some shades of green
to paint a beautiful and majestic forest
full of trees, animals and magic
I put each color on my screen
comes to life and turning
a beautiful picture that I paint every day
I always add something
is a flower, a leaf, or even a pebble
I know it will make painting even more beautiful
and when someone looks at my screen
I hope it reflects
who I am and where I'm going ...
May the rest of your day is super wonderful, full of everything

what makes you smile and be happy ...

May God bless and keep you all the days of your life ...

Sweet kisses on your beautiful heart ...

Always friendly ..

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