Biography of Prophet Muhammad

Who knows the name of Prophet Muhammad upon him blessings and peace smartest few of us.
Here is the full name of the Prophet descent to Adam Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib Ibn Hashim bin Abd Manaf bin Qusay both
Ben once, ibn Ka'b bin Loay bin Ghalib, Ben Fehr, bin Malik, bin Nadar , Kenana Bin Khuzaymah, Ben D thigh, Ben Elias, Ben harmful, Nizar bin contagious, bin Adnan, son Ed, Ben Ed D, Ben Elisha, bin Alhmisa, bin Salaman, Ben grew, Ben pregnancy, bin Qivar, Ben Ismail bin Ibrahim, son of Terah, son of Nahor, bin Sarug, Ben Argo, Bin Fang, Ben Transient, bin Shalikh, bin Erfajhz, Ben Sam, the son of Noah, Ben Lmk, bin Matuszlkh, Ben Enoch,
Ben Yard, Ben Yale Hey, Ben Cainan, son of Enos, son of Seth, the son of a d m Safiullah.

Ms. Amna Bint Wahab says what I felt that I took and not found him heavier women but also find that I had denied raise Hadta.

Born Allah and peace be upon him on Monday 10 March, was the advent elephant Osahaf, and was the night of Monday, the twelfth of March.

His names
Mohammed and Ahmed Al-Mahi (erase the infidels) and am today (served people Balhacr) and carriage (the last of the prophets) and the Prophet of mercy and the Prophet of repentance and prophet epics (wars) and Almagafi sense Aqub witness and evangelist, prognostic and cheerful and fighting Mutawakil and the Conqueror and the Secretary and the ring, Mustafa and the prophet and the prophet and illiterate and Alqthm (generous for good).

First of Erdah (Thuwaiba) with her milk (Emsrouh) days before Halima, and had breastfed before Hamza may Allah be pleased with him, and then came the Fads and then took him to breast feeding.

The death of his father
Abdullah took to Syria in the trade with a group of Quraish, and when they returned they passed the city and Abdullah the patient, he said Otkhalaf when my uncles from Bani Najjar, sued them months and then died in the city and 25 years old. And his legacy was five beauty and a piece of sheep forth by the Messenger of Allah and Umm Ayman Thoudnh name and a pond.

The death of his mother
I went mother Amna Bint Wahab to the city and six years old to his maternal uncles Ben Najjar visit them and with Umm Ayman Thoudnh فأقامت have months and then returned Kathy (Balaboa).

The Messenger of Allah four not long and not quite some not Baladm and not very white, man hair not Basbt and not Ja'd hit his shoulders, hair Anas said: What touched silk softer than the palm of the Messenger of Allah, a great mouth, Big-eyed, round face, White tends to flushes, very dark eyes, thick fingers and broad forehead.

His first born denominator then Zainab then paper then Umm Kulthum and Fatima then Born in Islam Abdullah and all of their mother Khadija and the first one who died from his son Qasim and Abdullah, as Rizk Ibrahim from Maria Coptic but he died and a six-month-old.

The multiplication of food
Isra and Mi'raj
Moan trunk
Response to his supplication
Delivery rocks and trees
News some things metaphysical
Blow water from between his fingers
Treatment for diseases companions praying
News some future things
Dissent Moon
Fighting the angels with Him

And has said Sheikh Abdul Aziz Salman in his book of the miracles of the Prophet 194 miracle can be referenced

Khadija Bint Khoelid

She was married to two before the Prophet, peace be upon him, and is the first of the safest, and has been recognized by God through the angel Gabriel, and did not marry the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him until she died, and he stayed with them 24 years, months, and was faithful to her after her death Webber friends and do a lot of praying for her and her forgiveness.

Sauda Bint Zama

Married the Prophet in the tenth year and when he got married Aisha hit jealousy Soda and drowned Fajerha Apostle said Asarhha whether she wants it chose the Messenger of Allah _ peace be upon him _ and forgotten jealousy and said not divorce me and you in solving me, I want to Ahcher in wives and I have endowed a daily Aisha Vomskha Messenger of Allah and peace be upon him until he died about and died in the last succession age.

(Or Samlah) Atika bint Amer

It was the first immigrant women, and has suffered the death of her husband (Abu Salamah) the Prophet married her, and when the Prophet prayed entered his wives begins Umm Salamah because it Okprhen and died and a 84-year-old, and was the last of the Prophet's wives.

Zainab bint Khuzaymah

And called poor or because they often feed the poor, died and Allah and peace be upon him alive and I have stayed at the Messenger of Allah eight months.

Guirec Bint Harith

Married the Prophet after he set her free where captives were built Almstaleg, and God has freed hundred members of the household of brown Mustaliq was the greatest blessing to her people and died in 50 AH.

Hafsa bint Omar Ibn al-Khattab

May view her father Abu Bakr marry her not answer him, as well as Ali Osman did not answer him and he continued Nights then speeches Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said Abu Bakr age it did not stop me from her engagement but I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him mentioned and I did not to divulge the secret of the Messenger of Allah, and had divorced her Prophet then took her back, and had died 41 years of migration and has reached 60 years.

Aisha bint Abu Bakr

He saw the Prophet in a dream before to marry her twice, and married and is the daughter of seven years and pitched him and is nine years old, and died about and is the daughter of 18 years old, and he was playing with her and calling her and she preferred the wives of the Prophet ten: he did not marry Bakr other, and did not marry a woman her parents are believers immigrants other and Allah revealed her innocence from the sky, and Gabriel came its image in calories, and they wash with the Prophet in one pot, and was staying the revelation and is with her, and was arrested and is between charm and slaughtered and died on the night was the role and was buried in her home.

Zainab bint Jahsh

Married the Prophet and her 35 years, year 3 AH and had Astkhar by God said (and hide in yourself what God expressing)) was Zainab prides itself on wives of the Prophet and says Zodgkin Ohlocn and Spouses God Anaaly and was pious and honest talk and do a lot of kinship and do a lot of charity and died in 20 of the Immigration and prayed Omar bin al-Khattab.

Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abi Sufyan

Migrated to Abyssinia with her husband Vtansr her husband died, married her Prophet and is the land of Abyssinia and sent to Njashi the Messenger of Allah and he gives her the Negus 400 dinars for the Messenger of Allah and send Negus with Sharhabeel in Year 9 for Migration and died 44 years of migration.

Maimuna Bint Harith

And devote herself to the Prophet, he says: ((and faithful woman to devote herself to the Prophet if the Prophet wanted to Istnkhaa free you of the believers)) and married her while umrah in Mecca and died in 61 of migration.

Safiya bint shy

Her father was Mr. Bani Nadir, and make the Apostle setting slaves her dowry, and has entered upon the Messenger of Allah and is crying and said to him that Hafsa and Aisha Analan me say we are better than you we girls uncle of the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet said to her not told them how not good for me and Abu Haroon, and my uncle Moses and my husband Mohammed. And died in the last succession Omar

What has permitted walking and beautiful is what we want and what we like to write about the Prophet creation Muhammad the best prayers and delivery
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